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7 Effective Strategies to Protect Yourself from the Risks of Crypto Trading

Major cryptocurrencies are taking a beating. Two of the major stablecoins -- USD Coin and Tether are on shaky ground. Is crypto still worth trading and investing in? 


6 Effective Strategies to Manage Gold Trading Risks and Preserve Your Capital

What is one of the main reasons that many traders and investors fail at the early stages of their financial journey and lose money?


Don't Open a Trade Unless These 5 Pre-trading Criteria Are Satisfied

Do you want to avoid mistakes when trading Forex? 

While great investors and traders tell you that mistakes play a part in creating a successful trader in you, you should definitely minimise them....


Top 5 Challenges Forex Traders Commonly Face and How to Overcome Them

Many resources say that more than 90% of traders lose their money, and 80% of day traders don't make it past two years before they quit. 



Top 7 Reasons to Trust Fullerton Markets as Your Forex Broker

As the world's largest financial market, it's not a surprise that Forex attracts many participants, some of which have fraudulent schemes in mind. This is why Forex scams continue to rise, even when...


8 Forex Trading Traps You Must Avoid

In a previous blog, we talked about how to spot and avoid a potential Forex scam so you don’t end up losing money needlessly. Scams, however, are more prevalent in certain activities and aspects of...


Forex Trading Scams: How to Best Identify and Protect Yourself Against Them

Have you heard about the Instagrammer who was accused of a Forex ‘scam’ amounting to £4,000,000?


How to Choose the Best Forex Broker That Offers the Leverage You Prefer

There are 9.6 million online traders in the Forex market, the majority of whom are from Asia (3.2 million), followed by Europe (1.5 million) and North America (1.5 million). 

This shouldn't come as a...


Why Keeping a Trading Journal Matters According to Stock and Forex Traders

We’ve asked several traders, both stock and Forex traders:

  • Do you keep a trading journal? 
  • What data do you record/document? 
  • How does journalling your trades help you in any way? 

The response is...


7 Strategies to Help You Bounce Back from a Losing Streak in Forex

What's the worst part of being a trader? 

Losing a trade, of course.



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