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7 Tips to Make More Money with Gold’s Seasonal Pattern

Now that you know the basics of trading gold, do you want to learn other methods to profit from it?


Don't Open a Trade Unless These 5 Pre-trading Criteria Are Satisfied

Do you want to avoid mistakes when trading Forex? 

While great investors and traders tell you that mistakes play a part in creating a successful trader in you, you should definitely minimise them....


5 Most Popular Forex Indicators: Definition, Pros and Cons

A trading approach rooted in technical analysis tends to simplify Forex trading on the basis of price action. But with all the technical indicators available, choosing the best one or two can feel...


7 Strategies to Help You Bounce Back from a Losing Streak in Forex

What's the worst part of being a trader? 

Losing a trade, of course.


How to Profit More from Trading Gold: Insider Tips You Should Know

Gold is considered a safe-haven investment that acts as a safety net during a recession or when markets decline. However, as history has shown, gold prices have not always been on an upward...


Types of Traders: How to Choose Your Trading Style

Do you want to be a profitable trader? 

Choose a trading style that suits you best.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially for new traders. However, this is necessary if you want to...


Copy Tip of the Week – How to Find Strategies That Trade with a Fixed Stop Loss

Most of the time, a good trading strategy is one that follows its trading plan. This is why a trader who sets a stop loss is usually deemed as a trader with a plan as compared to traders who allow...


How to Trade Forex Even With a Full-time Job and Earn on the Side

Many consider Forex trading as a potential source of passive income, but most of them find it hard to pursue currency trading while working from nine to five. What if we tell you that you can learn...


Copy Tip of the Week – How to Diversify your CopyPip Portfolio

Diversifying your investments is important in building wealth. There’s an old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” which means don’t put all your money in one investment. The same...


Copy Tip of the Week – Managing Copy Trading Risk with Money Management Correlation (MMC)

Money Management Correlation is an indicator under “Portfolio” which shows conformity of your settings in a specific trading strategy to Money Management rules defined by a strategy provider.



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