Dear Friend,

When Fullerton Markets was birthed, I shared our vision that we would be a disruptive force in the trading industry in three areas:


1) Safety of Funds

All clients enjoy unparalleled fund safety with 2 levels:

1)  Segregated Accounts (via ANZ Bank)

2)  Independent Trustee Administration (via Kiwi Global Trust)


2) Speed of Execution

In the brokerage world, an acceptable speed of execution is between 350 milliseconds (m/s) to 500 m/s. However, with our Straight-Through-Processing (STP) model, we have spared no expense to ensure low latency connectivity to our dedicated servers in London. This setup has brought down trade execution to 200 m/s, one of the fastest in the retail trading world.


3) System of Wealth Creation

We truly believe that anyone can create wealth in the markets; either by trading or by business-building. Here's how we support traders and IBs:


  • Weekly Research
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Trading Videos


  • Fullerton Suite (a powerful back-office)
  • Attractive Rebate Payouts (paid instantly)
  • PipBox (Complete toolbox of internet marketing and social media marketing)


Remember the "3S" of Safety, Speed and System the next time someone asks you: "How will Fullerton Markets disrupt the industry?" 

With Gratitude,

Mario Singh