Fullerton Foundation



6th October 2018 -Teratak Nur Barakah Orphanage (Malaysia)


Our Malaysian team visited the children at Teratak Nur Barakah in Shah Alam on 6th October 2018, bringing with them food items, household necessities and much enthusiasm! More than just a place of shelter, the orphanage provides education and much-needed love and care to around 25 boys and girls it serves. Thank you to our young hosts for warmly welcoming us into their home and for letting us be their playmates for a day!


24th September 2018 - Relief Efforts in Pohgading Village (Indonesia)


Fullerton Markets, along with a group of local volunteers, made a trip to Pohgading in East Lombok on 24 September 2018 to spend a day with residents of the earthquake-stricken village. With households still recovering from the aftermath of the disaster, aid in the form of food items and drinking water was especially needed. The team also distributed tents to families whose homes were lost. Thank you for showing us the resilience and courage of an entire community.


17th September 2018 -Pathumthani Elder Nursing Home (Thailand)


Fullerton Markets visited the Pathumthani Elder Nursing Home on 17th September 2018 to spend the day with its lovely residents. We distributed necessities and prepared a few surprises to spread some cheer! Thank you to the residents for receiving us so warmly and being so generous with their time – the experience was all the more meaningful given their kind hospitality and everyone’s active participation.




25th Aug 2018 - Que Huong Humanitarian Centre (Vietnam)


Fullerton Markets visited Que Huong Humanitarian Centre  in Vietnam on 18th August 2018. We donated food supplies and visit the orphanage that serves as a shelter to at least 338 homeless kids. Aside from exciting activities, Fullerton Foundation also donated books and school supplies to encourage these kids to keep reaching for their dreams.


21st May 2018 - Trading For Charity (Thailand)


After the successful launch of Fullerton Markets Learning Centre, our CEO Mario Singh, was quick to give back to the society. On May 21, Mario and Fullerton Markets Thailand team visited Foundation For Slum Child Care in Bangkok. This foundation aims to improve the quality of life of these innocent babies and young children. Aside from feeding the kids and preparing fun activities, Fullerton Markets also donated the sum of money generated from a trading event.


20th Jan 2018 - Charity Event in Batam (Indonesia)


Fullerton Markets travelled to Batam, on 20th January 2018 for our annual company retreat! All staff members were required to build bicycles as part of a team bonding exercise. The assembled bicycles were donated to the children of the Vistos Kasih Ikhlas & Al Fateh Orphanage. As a token of their appreciation, the children keenly demonstrated to us their creative sides and talents by performing songs and dances for us!


7th Dec 2017  - Charity Event in Chiang Mai (Thailand)


Fullerton Markets travelled to Chiang Mai, on 7th December 2017 to visit The Northern Welfare Center For Intellectual Disability. We brought food to be donated and distributed, and helped to serve food to the children in the center. We also spent the day learning about the children's intellectual improvement activities there, and were very honoured to partake in this activity.


28th Nov 2017  - Charity Event in Vientiane (Laos)


Fullerton Markets visited The House of Blind and Deaf children in Vientiane, on 28th November 2017. We spent the day playing with all the children and we also donated food and helped to serve food to the children in the house. The children even taught us sign language -a truly eye-opening experience for us!


25th Aug 2017 - Charity Event In Chiangmai (Thailand)


Fullerton Markets had the privilege of visiting the Don Chan Temple in Chiangmai, on 25th August 2017. We were honoured to donate food supplies and visit the orphan house at the Temple to learn how the Temple manage to rise and give education to the children in need. Thank you for hosting us, Chiangmai!


18th Jun 2017 - Charity Event in Nonthaburi (Thailand)


Fullerton Markets were treated to an eye-opening experience when we visited Rachawadee girl orphanages in Nonthaburi, on 18th June 2017! We donated food and helped to serve food to the children. We also visited the area for children with disabilities and was treated to an eventful day filled with activities.