May 2018-Trading For Charity (Thailand)


(Bangkok; 21st May)


May 2018-Launch Of Thailand Educational Academy  (Thailand)


(Bangkok; 20th May)


May 2018-IB Event (Vietnam)


(Ho Chi Minh; 15th May)


May 2018-Indonesia Roadshow In Ternate And Medan (Indonesia)


(Ternate; 11th May and Medan 13th May)


May 2018-Malaysia Roadshow (Malaysia)


(Kelantani; 4th May)


April 2018-Traders Fair (Philippines)


(Makati; 21st April)


April 2018-Bloomberg TV Interview (Philippines)


(Mandaluyong; 20th April)


April 2018-Udonforex Seminar (Thailand)


(Udon Thani; 20th April)


April 2018-Interview With Manila Bulletin (Philippines)


(Makati; 20th April)


April 2018-Fullerton Markets Roadshow (Indonesia)


(Surabaya, Mojokerto, Malang, Kediri; 19th-28th April)


April 2018-Forex Master Summit (Malaysia)


(Kuala Lumpur; 14th April)


April 2018-Press Conference With Thailand Media (Thailand)


(Bangkok; 9th April)


April 2018-Interview With Money Channel (Thailand)


(Bangkok; 9th April)


April 2018-Secret Conversations With Trading Tycoons Book Launch (Thailand)


(Bangkok; 8th April)


March 2018-IB Event With FX Samurai (Philippines)


(Pasig; 17th March)


February 2018-Entrepreneurs Event (Singapore)


(Singapore; 24th February)


February 2018-IB Event (Malaysia)


(Malaysia; 24th February)


February 2018-IB Event (Thailand)


(Phetchabun; 3rd-4th February)


February 2018-Trader's Fair and Gala Night(Thailand)


(Bangkok; 3rd February)


January 2018-iFX Expo Asia (Hong Kong)


(Hong Kong; 23rd-25th January)


January 2018-Charity Event (Indonesia)


(Batam; 20th January)


December 2017-6th China Forex Expo (China)


(Shenzhen; 8th-9th December)


December 2017-Chiang Mai Charity Event (Thailand)


(Chiang Mai; 7th December)


November 2017- Laos Charity Event (Vientiane)


(Laos; 28th November)


November 2017- Entrepreneurship Master Program (Singapore)


(Singapore; 12th November)


October 2017- Show FX Asia (Singapore)


(Singapore; 21st October)


October 2017- IB Event (Vietnam)


(Nha Trang; 21st October)


October 2017- Preview Day (Malaysia)

(Ipoh; 8th October)


August 2017 - Charity Event In Chiangmai

(Thailand; 25th August)


August 2017 - CGTN Interview With Jimmy Zhu

(Shanghai; 25th August)


July 2017 - Fullerton Markets Sponsors Vietnam Badminton Open

(Ho Chi Minh City; 24th July)


July 2017 - Wellington Gold Awards 2017

(New Zeland; 7th July)


June 2017 - Fullerton Markets IB training

(Vietnam; 19th June)


June 2017 - Thailand Charity Event

(Nonthaburi ; 18th June)


May 2017 - What Do You Invest in 2017?

(Vietnam; 14th May)


April 2017 - Mastery Asia's 20th Anniversary 

(Kuala Lumpur; 2nd April)


March 2017 - Advance Class by Wayne Ko

(Kota Tinggi; 14th March)


February 2017 - iFX Expo 2017

(Hong Kong; 21st-23rd February)


February 2017 - Advanced Trading Workshop by Wayne Ko

(Singapore / Malaysia; 14th-17th February)


January 2017 - Bloomberg Philippines Interview

(Singapore; 20th January)


December 2016 - The Secret of Successful Trading in Stock & Forex

(Bangkok; 18th December)


December 2016 - SimplyFX Event

(Kuala Lumpur; 8th December)


November 2016 - SimplyFX Awards Presentation

(Singapore; 1st November)


October 2016 - Bangkok Book Launch & Seminar

(Bangkok; 21st October)


October 2016 - Bangkok Book Launch

(Bangkok; 19th October)


September 2016 - Forex & Bullion Outlook 

(Bangkok; 26th September)


July 2016 - Forex Secrets with Fullerton Markets Seminar

(Dezhou; 30th July)


July 2016 - Basic Forex for Beginners

(Wellington; 30th July)


July 2016 - Hurricanes vs Blues Match at Westpac Stadium

(Wellington; 2nd July)


July 2016 - Visit to Hurricanes Training Ground

(Wellington; 1st July)


June 2016 - Wellington Gold Awards

(Wellington; 30th June)


June 2016 - Fullerton Markets NZ Grand Launch

(Wellington; 24th June)


June 2016 - Profitable Trading Secrets by Wayne Ko

(Ho Chin Minh; 12th June)


June 2016 - Dalian Book Launch

(Dalian; 7th June)


June 2016 - Entrepreneurship Master Program

(Kuala Lumpur; 4th June)


May 2016 - TPCooper Event

(Hatyai; 30th May)


May 2016 - Success in Forex Trading

(Ho Chi Minh; 30th May)


May 2016 - Trading Gold for Beginners

(Bangkok; 20th May)


April 2016 - Advanced Class by Wayne Ko

(Kuala Lumpur; 20th April)


April 2016 - Bangkok International Bookfair

(Bangkok; 3rd April)


April 2016 - Unlocking the World's Largest Financial Secret

(Bangkok; 2nd April)


January 2016 - World Economy & Bullion Outlook 2016 by Tomei

(Penang; 30th January)


January 2016 - Forex Unlimited Seminar 

(Udon Thani; 28th January)


January 2016 - IFX Expo Asia 

(Hong Kong; 26-28th January)


January 2016 - Forex Intensive Training

(Manila; 22-23rd January)


January 2016 - Millionaire Trading Program

(Bangkok; 15-16th January)