Knowing the Difference Between Passion and Excitement

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We’ve all been excited about things – it could be the thrill of finding a new hobby or finally getting down to starting a new blog. But excitement has typically been relatively short-lived – how often have we taken up a novel activity and then lost interest along the way? Maybe you took guitar lessons at one point and thought you wanted to be a musician, but with no real passion, excitement – as with many novel undertakings – can easily die out.

5 Things You Won’t Regret Investing In

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We all have regrets in life and often, these are the bumps that we encounter in our journey to success. While we all do things that in retrospect, might seem to go against our better judgement, there are some things we believe you probably might NEVER regret investing in.

Mentorship: One Important Element of Success Tips

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You may have already read numerous accounts of how people achieve success in life. From cliché quotes to rags-to-riches narratives that share certain ‘success ingredients’, there seems to be a never-ending list of positive attributes or key principles that successful people ascribe to.  

3 Things That Fail Your Way to Success

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We heard a rumour that there is a recipe for disaster. Ingredients that can produce an unfavourable result if used by anyone. Most people – if not all – have made habits of failure without even realising it.

Investing Tips: 5 Reasons Why You Should Trade Gold Now

[fa icon="calendar'] August 13, 2019 at 4:00 PM / by Louis Teo posted in Blog, 2019

Whether it's behaving like a bull or a bear, the gold market offers high liquidity and excellent opportunities to profit in nearly all environments due to its unique position within the world’s economic and political systems. While many people choose to own the metal outright, speculating through the futures, equity and options markets offers incredible leverage with measured risk.