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Copy Trading vs Social Trading: Which One Is the Best Option for You?

Learning to trade Forex and navigating its intricacies is easier than ever, thanks to all the resources available online. You just need to ensure that your source of information is credible and...

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5 Most Popular Forex Indicators: Definition, Pros and Cons

A trading approach rooted in technical analysis tends to simplify Forex trading on the basis of price action. But with all the technical indicators available, choosing the best one or two can feel...

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Top 5 Methods to Generate Passive Income from the Forex Market

Can you make money trading Forex? 

Yes, you can.

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How to Choose the Best Forex Broker That Offers the Leverage You Prefer

There are 9.6 million online traders in the Forex market, the majority of whom are from Asia (3.2 million), followed by Europe (1.5 million) and North America (1.5 million). 

This shouldn't come as a...

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Social Trading: What You Need to Know and How to Benefit from It

Wouldn't it be great if you have someone you can tap into when you hit a snag while trading Forex or stocks? To have someone you can ask for a guide or information. Or, to have an entire community...

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Why Keeping a Trading Journal Matters According to Stock and Forex Traders

We’ve asked several traders, both stock and Forex traders:

  • Do you keep a trading journal? 
  • What data do you record/document? 
  • How does journalling your trades help you in any way? 

The response is...

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7 Strategies to Help You Bounce Back from a Losing Streak in Forex

What's the worst part of being a trader? 

Losing a trade, of course.

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Top 11 Female Traders [and Then Some] Who Broke Through the Boys Club

In a male-dominated Forex market, it's a popular belief that there are only a few female traders. While this isn't exactly false, statistics show that there's been a significant rise in women trading...

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Understanding Currency Correlation and Dependence, and How to Use This to Your Advantage

When trading the Forex market, it’s important to understand currency correlations. This is due to the fact that currencies are traded in pairs. Therefore, no currency is independent in relation to...

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Want to Be More Efficient and Profitable Trading Forex? Trade like a Woman

There's a common concept that trading is a man's world. 

This may have been the reality for a long time but not anymore. So now the concept has become a misconception.

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