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5 Destructive Traders and What You Can Do to Not Become Them

You were so sure that your trading setup will bring you huge profits, but...

It hits a stop loss. It totally went against you. 

Does this sound familiar?

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How to Master the Right Mindset for Successful Trading

Are you an emotional trader? Do you make more trades based on your feelings than logic or your trading plan (if you have one)?

The answer lies in your personality, which can influence your trading...

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How to Minimise the Risk of Trading Burnout and What to Do to Overcome It

Whether you're a new or seasoned trader, you're constantly exposed to many factors that can lead to or trigger burnout.

You're losing more than you're earning. You spend hours studying the charts...

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The Fullerton Edge: What 3 Key Benefits Do Traders with Fullerton Markets Enjoy?

As a trader with Fullerton Markets, you're protected with what we call the 3S--Speed of Execution, Safety of Funds, and System of Wealth Creation. Each of these features helps ensure the best trading...

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What the Best Brokers Offer to Ensure Your Fund's Safety

How safe is my investment with Forex brokers? 

It depends on the broker you trade with. Not all brokerage firms are made the same way and some might have more or fewer security features in place.

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Copy Tip of the Week – Managing Copy Trading Risk with Money Management Correlation (MMC)

Money Management Correlation is an indicator under “Portfolio” which shows conformity of your settings in a specific trading strategy to Money Management rules defined by a strategy provider.

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How to Choose the Appropriate Lot Size to Trade

Trade size plays a vital role in managing risks when trading Forex.

As we've mentioned in our previous article on lot sizes, the larger the lots, the higher the profit and loss per pip. Thus, the...

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How to Better Overcome [or Mitigate] Forex Trading Risks and Profit More

Just like any investment vehicle, there are also risks and rewards in Forex trading. After all, both the base currency and denominated currency can appreciate or depreciate, depending on the movement...

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Cashing in During the Coronavirus Crisis: How to Trade in the Time of COVID-19

Stocks are back on the rise, especially tech stocks. This would make the bear market that the coronavirus pandemic has induced the shortest on record.

But is the threat of recession really over?

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How to Trade in a Slow Forex Market (Low Volatility)

Editor's Note: This blog post was posted on June 28, 2019 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Most Forex traders would have come across this phrase somewhere along their trading...

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