Want to earn more on top of your trading profits?

You should be a strategy/signal provider in Fullerton Markets’ CopyPip.

By sharing your trading strategies with followers, you have an opportunity to earn an income while trading. Think about it: you trade, close with a profit, and earn additional income from performance fees. Depending on the percentage you set, your additional income can range from 10% to 30%. 

Through copy trading, you get paid for doing the hard work behind the scenes. Studying the markets and performing fundamental and technical analysis is not easy. So why not get paid for doing them? 

What more will you gain as a strategy provider on top of additional income? Plenty. 

But first...

What are trading signals?

These refer to signals that tell you: 

  • What to trade
  • When to enter and exit
  • What stop-loss to implement
  • What take profit orders to set

Trading signals are usually generated based on a variety of Forex technical indicators. As a signal provider, you can create your own signals and implement them on your trading charts. 

In the copy-trading ecosystem, you're responsible for providing strategy followers with signals to follow, preferably strong signals. This means you're doing the more complicated tasks so all parties can work together profitably.

What's in it for you as a strategy provider on CopyPip?



Multiple fee models

While you can earn primarily based on performance fees, there are other payment structures to choose from. Because performance fees are commonly used, we'll explore more of this model instead. 

A performance fee is charged as a percentage of profits that are calculated on a monthly basis and subject to High-Water Mark (HWM)

For example, you set your performance fee at 30% in the first month of being a strategy provider. 

Your starting balance is $100,000 and you make a profit of $20,000. This gives you a performance fee of $6,000, which is 30% of the profit. When deducted from your starting balance and profit, your ending balance becomes $114,000 ($120,000 - $6,000). The amount also becomes the HWM. 

Since you're starting with that amount in the second month, you're still going to see an increase in earnings even when your profit for that month is just $2,000. 

Do the math and you'll see what we're talking about. 

As a strategy provider, you can set and adjust with ease the subscription price for the signals you provide. There's no limit to the number of signal followers or subscribers either, so you earn even more.

Instant rebate payouts

Every time you receive your rebate or performance fee, you can withdraw it straight away instead of waiting for the scheduled daily or weekly payout. There's no waiting time and you can choose to reinvest instantly as well.

Access to global investors

CopyPip is used by investors all over the world. This means you have access to an extensive network of them from different parts of the globe, some of whom are willing to invest huge sums for strong signals.

As soon as you share your strategy, you'll be looking at followers from various regions. If you happen to have winning and profitable strategies, expect higher performance fees too.

Develop your fund's branding

With Fullerton Markets, Forex trading is not just an investment option but a business. As a strategy provider, you're immediately an owner of a fund, which refers to a pool of money that you manage. This can be your own capital or someone else's.

You can own multiple funds and place them under different brands – though these funds will be linked to the same strategy provider profile. For example, you could own a brand focused on medium-risk investment and another on high-risk investment, thus appealing to a larger pool of strategy followers with different risk appetite.

To help you develop your branded fund so you can generate more followers, CopyPip will rank you on the leaderboard of strategy providers. The higher you go up, the more visible you are compared to other signal providers. The more credible you will be as well, something strategy followers look for in a trader to copy.

Easy onboarding process

Anyone can be a strategy provider, so there's little in the way of onboarding.

While you can trade instantly after you open a live account, you must first have a trading history of at least 50 trades within three months to qualify as a strategy provider. What do you have to show to your followers if you don't?

Signal subscribers choose a trader to copy based on a proven track record, preferably over the last 12 months or more. So it's only right that you first set a three-month trading record on your account before you become a signal provider.

Find out more about what strategy followers look for in a trader to copy.

The beauty of CopyPip is that you can choose to display the specific months where you're mostly winning rather than losing. If you made profitable trades in the first two months of the second quarter, for example, you can set that timeframe as the performance chart to be displayed.

Of course, strategy followers would be more than happy to follow you if you showcase a year's worth of trading history.

Automatic fee calculation

This means more time to focus on your trading than calculating how much performance fees you’ve gained from your investors.

From your Fullerton Suite in the Reports tab, you will find the list of your earnings under Performance Fees. So you don’t need to calculate them manually.

Dedicated personalised support

Every time you have some problems or queries, our Partnership department is ready to provide you with personalised and localised support. We highly encourage you to tap on this resource for a smoother trading experience.

How much can you earn from CopyPip as a strategy provider?


Let's say you have 10 investors who are copying your strategy. In just a month, they made a total profit of $50,000. Since you charge a 30% performance fee, you will earn $15,000 on top of your trading profits.

Now, let's say you gain more followers over the course of six months.

Table - CopyPip SP

This gives you a total of $187,500 earnings on top of your trading profit. If your strategy proves to be consistently profitable, you’ll generate more followers and even more income.

Sure, there are risks in Forex trading. But with the right strategies, you can reduce the risks and increase the wins.

Do you want to become a strategy provider?

How to become a signal provider on Fullerton Markets’ CopyPip


1. Open a live trading account and log into your CopyPip portal.

2. Log into your Fullerton Suite and open a strategy provider account.

3. If you have multiple trading accounts, choose one that will be linked to your strategy provider account.

4. Set your performance fee.

You may also watch this tutorial for steps on setting up your Strategy Provider account.

Strategy providers can be a signal follower as well. How you choose to use this information is entirely up to you.

Ready to grow your wealth as a strategy provider in the world's largest financial market? No better place to start than right here with us! Begin trading with Fullerton Markets today by opening an account:

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