As a trader with Fullerton Markets, you're protected with what we call the 3S--Speed of Execution, Safety of Funds, and System of Wealth Creation. Each of these features helps ensure the best trading experience, with an edge to profit consistently. 

What does each of the S in 3S mean?

1. Speed of Execution

Whether you're a scalper or a position trader, you want your order executed at the best price. The only way this can happen is when the speed of execution is fast.

Order execution speed refers to the time from when you place an order and when a broker fills that order. How quickly this can happen depends on a broker's trading platform and liquidity providers.

The technology used to run the platform must be more advanced. The strength and number of liquidity providers should be high as well. This is the perfect combination.

It's vital that the order execution speed takes only a few milliseconds so you can get the best price. Otherwise, you're looking at a few pipettes of losses that could quickly add up.

How does Fullerton Markets' MT4 market order execution speed compare with other brokers?

comparison table of the MT4 market order execution speed between brokers.

How does Fullerton Markets achieve a fast order execution speed?

We have a world-class infrastructure that is designed to execute orders at lightning speed and ensure low latency connection anytime and anywhere. 

Our data centres, located in prime locations all around the Asia Pacific region, are linked to ultra-high-speed servers located in London. 

As for our liquidity providers, we work with some of the biggest tier-one liquidity providers so that trades are executed with no requotes, guaranteeing the best possible price when you want to buy or sell. 

Together with other features that make up the Fullerton Edge, we provide you with seamless trading experience.

2. Safety of Funds

Fullerton Markets provides your funds with three levels of protection--segregated accounts, custodian agreement and insurance policy. All three make up what we call unparalleled fund safety under Fullerton Shield. 

How does each level work?

Segregated Accounts

Your funds are kept separate from corporate funds, protecting it from being used for any other purpose than to satisfy margin and trading requirements. You can be assured that your capital will remain intact even if something were to happen to Fullerton Markets.

Custodian Agreement

Under this arrangement, a custodian, usually a financial institution, will handle all activities surrounding your funds. They will hold your assets and securities as well as credit or debit your accounts for losses and profits, respectively.

Again, since Fullerton Markets doesn't have direct access to your account, you're protected against the risk of insolvency or management failure.

Insurance Policy

A Professional Indemnity and Crime Cover is taken out on the custodian to protect you from wrongful or criminal acts such as employee infidelity, third-party fraud, or extortion.

The policy will also reimburse the Company, Directors, Officers and Employees for loss resulting from a wrongful act in the performance of Professional Services.

With a triple-level protection plan, you can enjoy peace of mind while trading with Fullerton Markets.

3. System of Wealth Creation


concept of building wealth represented by blocks that make up a dollar bill and cranes

This is one of the features of the Fullerton Edge that is designed to give you an edge over other traders. 

You'll have access to informative trading videos, free online trading classes, and weekly LIVE technical analysis sessions that will help you develop and discover the discipline and strategies to make winning trades. 

Given how competitive the Forex market is, you're going to need all the tools and knowledge you can get to compete and prevail. We're here to provide you with the necessary support.

In addition, you have an option to make more money on top of your trading profit.

You can sign up to be one of our Introducing Brokers (IB) and earn high rebates and commissions. We'll provide you with world-class marketing tools, exclusive training and other materials to help you excel as an IB.

You can also take advantage of our passive income streams--the PipBox tool and CopyPip

The former is our referral marketing platform where you earn an income every time a referral signs up with Fullerton Markets. Unlike similar programmes, PipBox does everything on your behalf, including creating compelling content. All you really need to do is to share content on social media.

Learn to Leverage the Power of PipBox, Double Your Income Without the Hassle

CopyPip, on the other hand, is Fullerton Markets' copy trading platform where you can earn a profit on autopilot. Just follow one of our high-performing strategy/signal providers, copy the trades they open, and then earn.

Or, you can be a strategy provider and enjoy several benefits on top of performance fees and rebates.

When you take advantage of these options, creating and building real wealth is within easy reach.

Harness the Power of the 3S

Through speedy order execution, the safety of funds, and a system of wealth creation, you not only enjoy a satisfying trading experience in Forex but also peace of mind and the opportunities to earn passive income. The real bonus behind all these is that you have our support through and through.


Ready to build and grow your wealth in the world's largest financial market? No better place to start than right here with us! Start to trade, earn, and grow your wealth today with guaranteed unparalleled fund safety with Fullerton Markets by opening an account:

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