What's in it for me?

You probably ask the same question every time you're presented with a product or service.

It's safe to say that almost all of us are likely to have  the same initial reaction. Because you have to admit, regardless of how shiny something is, we want to know what benefits we'll gain from it. 


Nothing is worth spending time and money on if you don't receive value in return. Don't you agree? 

So if you're to become a strategy follower on Fullerton Markets' CopyPip, you'd naturally want to know what advantages you stand to gain.


But we'll discuss more of this later.

First off…

For an easy read, take note of the following terms:

Glossary of Terms

Introducing Brokers (IBs) - Business partners who manage and run one or several portfolios under the Fullerton Markets brand.

Maximum Drawdown - Maximum observed loss of a trader's capital after a series of losing trades. This is calculated based on the difference between a portfolio's peak and trough.

Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI) Balance - Refers to the returns you gained given that a hypothetical USD1,000 is invested and reinvested over a period of time.

Equity Growth - Refers to how the total value of a trader's account is growing.

Percent vs Pips - Refers to how much a trader is risking based on how much pips they get in return.

What is CopyPip?


It is Fullerton Markets' own copy trading system.

This is where strategy providers and strategy followers converge to trade in the foreign exchange market. The former provides the signals and executes trades, the latter replicates those same trades and earns on autopilot.

The platform also allows Introducing Brokers (IBs) to become signal providers themselves and set their own end-of-month profit sharing.

Now let's get to the heart of the matter…

What does CopyPip have in store for you as a strategy/signal follower?


An impressive number of strategy providers to choose from

More than 300 to be exact.

With this many options, you'll surely find someone who matches your portfolio.

What if you're a complete novice or have little knowledge on Forex trading? You’re going to need help in choosing a trader to copy, so we’ve created a checklist for you.

When reviewing a trader’s portfolio, check out the following:

  • Recommended minimum amount to follow a trader
  • Maximum drawdown
  • Average returns per month
  • Fees or costs
  • Age of the account

Based on these 5 considerations, you can better choose a profitable trader to copy.

CopyPip lets you filter different traders based on specific criteria. This way, you can find top-performing traders using a targeted search.

You can then view a trader's portfolio to further analyse their skills and ability to earn you profit. From a trader's performance charts, for example, you can view an account's equity growth, Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI) Balance, and percent vs. pips.

Many trade and risk allocation methods to choose from

  • What trade size do you want to set?
  • How much of your account will be allocated for a certain signal provider?
  • Do you want to set a stop-loss order and for how much?
  • How many pips are you willing to risk?

On CopyPip, you will find a range of techniques to trade and manage risks. You have the option to use the default settings or change the configuration of your account.

The simplest and easiest way is to allow the system's AI to automatically select the most efficient trading method based on your available funds and current account usage. You won't need to configure anything, which is great for beginners.

You can also set which type of open trades to copy, whether "as is" or at a better price, which is what we highly recommend. With this setting, you only copy trades that are in your favour.

There's also an option for inversed trading, where you trade against a signal provider. This works best if the trader you copy is on a losing streak.

Now, to manage risks, you can set your own terms with regard to the trade size, the number of simultaneous trades, and other aspects that will have a negative impact on your portfolio.

So even when you copy a trader, you’re still in control of your account’s activities.

Other brokers offering copy trading platforms are not as flexible. While others allow you to specify a lot size, you can't set a minimum or maximum value.

Automatically adjust the risk and size of lots traded


You can set the ratio between your account and strategy provider to protect yourself against risks and possible losses.

In your CopyPip account, you can set what percentage of your capital will be allocated to a specific trader. For example, you can set it to 50% of USD10,000 and the system will trade accordingly.

If you plan to follow several traders, simply adjust the allocation. You can also use a portion of your account to trade manually if you so desire.

In terms of risk management, the platform allows you to set the minimum and maximum trade size and to set an amount where an exit and stop is enforced. Say you set this to USD3,000. Once your account reaches this amount, all trades will be closed and you will no longer mimic that trader.

An alternative is to set the number of pips you're willing to lose before you and a signal provider go separate ways.

Set your own acceptable maximum loss and take profit

As a safety net, you can set a fixed stop-loss. If it's smaller than what a strategy provider sets, then your setting is prioritised. The opposite is also true. A provider’s stop-loss is prioritised if the value is smaller than yours.

Take note that this may result in some discrepancies in the outcome as the value you set can affect a trader's original trading strategy.

CopyPip also allows you to set the fixed take profit. For instance, if you set it to 30, every time a trade goes up to 30 pips you automatically close.

Fast deposit and withdrawal

If you wish to open an account, you can fund it quickly and easily with several funding and withdrawal options to choose from, including through direct local banks.

Local transfer from your banks is acceptable. You don't need to enrol in other payment systems. We’ve minimised the barriers to opening an account so you can profit from the Forex market right away.

Withdraw your investments at any time

Since it's your money and profit, you should be able to access it at any time you want to. You have the option to withdraw your deposit or the profit you made from copy trading.

But that’s not all.

As a strategy follower, you can enjoy the same benefits that anyone with a LIVE account with Fullerton Market enjoys. These include lightning-speed execution to reduce, if not eliminate slippage, and unparalleled fund safety.

Access to trading tips and tactics

Copy traders also have access to tools that support their trading journey and help hone their skills.

Webinars and Videos - From your CopyPip account, you can access webinars and video guides, including this tutorial on setting up your account.

One-Minute Trade Calls - Where you get to watch our resident market strategist trade in real time and provide you with useful insights. You can catch it live on Facebook (follow our page and choose to be notified each time we go live!).

Weekly Copy Tip - You get trading strategies on a weekly basis and other relevant information. This includes getting to know some of the profitable signal providers in the CopyPip system that you can consider following.

Fullerton Markets Blog - Learn more about copy trading, passive income, and other relevant content in one place. These blogs serve as your supplement to other resources.

Start earning a profit today!

CopyPip offers you features and benefits that other copy trading platforms don't. These are flexibility, customisation options and full control of your portfolio.

If you're serious about making a profit and building your own passive income, you should join the biggest financial market in the world. Trade in the foreign exchange market today and set the path to financial freedom. Let CopyPip serve as your starting ground.

Ready to grow your wealth in the world's largest financial market? No better place to start than right here with us! Begin trading with Fullerton Markets today by opening an account:

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