The S&P500 index has climbed 8.7% in November so far, on track for its strongest monthly showing since July 2022. It is up 19% in 2023.

That is a turnaround from October when the stock market ended lower for a third consecutive month. One key to the rebound: Bond yields have fallen from their highs just a few weeks ago.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note settled Wednesday at 4.415%, down for a fifth consecutive trading day. The 10-year note is trading at a far lower yield than the 5% threshold it breached in late October for the first time in 16 years.

Rising yields mean investors seeking returns have more options beyond the stock market. The pullback in yields has given equities a second wind. It has made the bond market look less attractive relative to stocks.

Apple: Well positioned to Edge AI

One part of artificial intelligence will have an increasing role, called “Edge AI,” which involves running AI algorithms directly on a user’s device, be it a smartphone, laptop or wearable, among other things.

Apple is well positioned to expand all facets of Edge AI, calling the tech giant’s proprietary silicon — its series of processors — the most powerful and energy-efficient on the market.

Apple has also been pioneering Edge AI applications in their phones and devices. In addition, we believe the consumer trust in Apple’s data gathering and large user base gives Apple another leg up in using Edge AI applications to harness and apply new data.

Microsoft: Follow the pros’ move

Microsoft was the most loved stock last quarter, with 139 funds owning it as one of their prominent positions, according to VerityData. It has been the hedge fund favourite since the third quarter of 2022.

If multiple funds, particularly hedge funds, designate a stock as a significant holding, it indicates a strong belief in the company's performance. Institutional investors often conduct thorough research and analysis before making notable investments, so their collective interest in Microsoft signals positive sentiments.

Hedge funds consistently favouring Microsoft suggests the company has likely shown robust financial performance. Investors might view this as a sign of Microsoft's capacity to yield steady returns and its potential for future expansion.

Alibaba: IPO cancellation is a big one

Alibaba‘s IPO cancellation would be “disappointing” to investors as it removed a near-term catalyst for unlocking value. BABA scrapping its widely anticipated cloud IPO removes a near-term catalyst for unlocking value, disappointing investors.

The cancellation of its cloud IPO means that investors will not be able to participate in the potential value creation associated with the public listing of its cloud business. Investors hoped for financial gains and greater market exposure from this opportunity, so its absence could be better.

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