Today, we look at this Strategy Provider, “ReliableQuantOc Fund”. They have been trading for 2 years and 3 months and they have had an equity growth of 399.98% since their inception, with a total profit of 27,999.5 pips.

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This Strategy Provider has a max drawdown of 46%, and an average monthly return of 7.35%.

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They have been trading since February 2019 with month-to-month results showing positive growth.

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In the VAMI Balance / Equity / Leverage chart, we can see that the Equity line (orange) is a long way from the Balance line (black). This indicates that they are currently at a loss.

This is a good opportunity. Why? This is because the recommended level to follow this SP is 9013.33USD, while their actual Equity now is only 4999USD. Hence, you can follow them with a smaller capital than the minimum recommendation.

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In terms of strategy, they trade using major trends of the market and float their trades if they are in a negative position, closing only positive orders. So in the trading statement, the orders we see are all positive, without an SL level. So, to increase your safety net, you can go to advanced settings under “Forced Exit and Stop” to protect your account in case the SP lets their losses float to unprecedented levels.

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The average profit in pips is 16.54 pips. With this, you will not need to care about the 0.7 pip fee of the CopyPip platform.


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