Look no further, the king of EUR/USD is here! “TheKaysFX Orchestra” is the Strategy Provider which we will be reviewing today!

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High equity growth of 1862.18% and a max drawdown of only 44%, I would consider this SP as medium risk. Even though the level of risk is stated as very high as shown in the picture above, more than often not, it is because of the lot size this SP uses. This can be adjusted under the settings component when you follow them.

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Furthermore, a description for this SP is added, which allows Strategy Followers to have an idea of how does this SP trades and how you can follow them effectively. Hence, you can see that they do scalping for EUR/USD using a stochastic strategy.

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Their results are amazing with no losing months at all.

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The worst trade and worst trade (pips) give us a very good indication of the risk management of the trader as they do not allow their trades to float too far and even though they lost 93.6 pips, it is still only a 4.09% loss.

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The only downside is that the SP scalps, which could affect the profit and loss of a follower due to the 0.7 commission charge by CopyPip. As you scroll through their trade history, you can see that the impact may be slightly huge but even so, due to their profitability, a follower can still stand to earn by following this SP.

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