Today, we look at Strategy Provider “SWEET DREAM”. This Strategy Provider’s equity growth since inception is 349.87%, with a low max drawdown of 12%.


This SP is for those who are seeking a low-risk provider. If your risk tolerance is conservative and you wish to test out the CopyPip platform, this would be your go-to SP.

The current capital amount and the recommended minimum capital amount do not differ much.


If you look at their trading statement, you will notice that they are scalping with an average profit coming in at 2.09 pips. Although they kept a relatively short profit, they prefer to always set stop loss to protect the capital.


Their results look pretty positive, having only a few months of losses in the whole trading period.

As mentioned above, their average profit is at 2.09 pips, which means that as a Strategy Follower, the 0.7 pip commission CopyPip still covers for SF.


Lastly, they trade on various markets. I would advise using substantial capital to follow them to give yourself some buffer in the case that they let their losing trades float to an unprecedented level.

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