Over 1400 Followers – This is my brief description of this SP.

The Max drawdown is only at 28%, while the monthly average profit is up to 16.63%, a high return versus low risk.

That is what caught our eyes when we quickly scanned the profile of this Strategic Provider. This SP's name is “Stripes” and they are Top 1 with a CP rank of 98.04. Let us dive right into it!


  1. Top 1 ✅
  2. Low Drawdown
  3. High Average Monthly Profit ✅
  4. More than 1400 Followers ✅

They show their trading history from October 2020, and their total trading results for the last year put them at a remarkably high 652%, x 6.5 times your account if you follow them from the beginning of the year.

CTOW 20220217 Image 3
We then dived deeper but looking at the VAMI Balance|Equity|Leverage chart. As you can see above, the VAMI balance and the VAMI equity is aligned and follow each other closely. This means that their losing trades are well controlled.

One thing you may need to keep in mind is that this SP's trading strategy does not use SL, hence, to increase your safety, you can add “Forced Exit and Stop” in the advanced settings to protect your account in case they let their losses float to unprecedented levels.


The profit in pips for All Trades is 14.14 so we do not have to worry about the current CopyPip platform's 0.7 pip fee.

The Profit vs Duration chart shows us the range of their trades ranges from -1.4% to 2%, reflecting that there are no large losing trades that affect the recovery of the account.

And, here is all we need to know when following this SP. Have a great weekend!

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