Let’s look at our Strategy Provider “Perfect Score. Even though he has only been running for 5 months 3 weeks, his results for these 5 months has been pretty fantastic. What caught our attention was the year-to-date returns since the inception – a whopping 745.50%.

1 copytipoftheweek

From the table above, you can see that his return per month is above average without a single losing month at all. To take it one step further, the strategy provider’s profitability is at 100% which means he has had no losing trades since the inception.

One thing to note, however, is that a 100% profitability doesn’t necessarily mean that a trader is very safe. Under his trading statement, we can see that he has trades that float up to 90-140 pips and it is hard to gauge if he sets a stop loss or his stop loss has a wide range. He might be avoiding losing trades to ensure that his profitability is at a 100%, while having floating losses with super wide stop loss.

2 copytipoftheweek

3 copytipoftheweek

This strategy provider’s Average Monthly Returns was +41.73%. The “Recommended Minimum” is only USD132.16. New traders interested to sign up for a CopyPip account can start with a small capital and follow this strategy provider.

Lastly, he has a maximum drawdown of only 34%. We would categorise him as a medium-risk trader.

4 copytipoftheweek

His average trade is at 20.29 pips. As you know CopyPip has a commission of 0.7 pips, having a strategy provider getting 20 pips per trade allow us to minimize the impact of CopyPip’s commission on our profit and losses. Lastly, he explains that his strategy uses EA and has a stop loss for every trade.

5 copytipoftheweek


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