Today we look at strategy provider (SP) “Ongsoi”. This is the SP that we reviewed a long time ago and so far, they are still doing very well in the market. This is a high-return Strategy Provider with an average of 9.10% returns per month accompanied by a 46% Maximum drawdown.

CTOW 20220106 Image 1

They have been trading on Copypip for 1 year 11months, reaching a total profit of 68.39% in 2021.

CTOW 20220106 Image 2

Under their trading statement, you can see that this Strategy Provider sets a stop loss, which is fantastic and this helps with risk management. I will recommend Strategy Followers who want to follow this strategy provider go to advanced settings and set a “Forced Exit & Stop”. This allows you to gain exposure to the high returns this provider has while limiting the downside risk.

CTOW 20220106 Image 3

Besides, their average profit in pips is at 36.04 pips and the 0.7 pip fee of Copypip platform has almost no effect on SFs’ profits.

CTOW 20220106 Image 4

In summary, this is a strategy provider with high returns. We recommend that SFs should install a “Forced Exit & Stop” feature to protect their accounts in the event of unintended risks.


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