Today we look at strategy provider “Growth gene”. This is a high-returns strategy provider with 14.47% average returns per month accompanied with a high 72% maximum drawdown.

However, the high max drawdown is warranted given the extremely high returns. Furthermore, they have been trading for the past 3 years and 3 months and have been consistently profitable.

Under the trading statement, you can see that this strategy provider does set a stop loss which is fantastic and helps with risk management. However, a slight downside is the strategy they are utilising. They scalp most of their trades and give CopyPip 0.7 commission. This can potentially reduce the profitability of the strategy follower and increase the losses.

I will recommend clients who want to follow this strategy provider to go to advanced settings and set a “Forced Exit & Stop”. This allows you to gain exposure to the high returns this provider has while limiting the downside risk. For example, if you set your Forced Exit & Stop at 5000USD while having a 10000USD equity account, this will limit your downside risk to only 50% while having unlimited upside returns.

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