Today, we look at Strategy Provider, “GoldOnly Retracement”. This Strategy Provider’s equity growth since inception is at 186.72% and has a total of 4,288.6 pips.

Their account has been running for 8 months and 3 weeks. I consider them a low-risk trader, considering that their maximum drawdown is only 19% versus their average returns per month of 12.83%.

Strategy Followers, who are looking for a low-risk Strategy Provider, can consider “GoldOnly Retracement”. If you look at their trading statement, you will notice that they are a day trader with their average profit coming in at 4.58 pips. One upside is that they do set a stop loss for most of their trades.

Furthermore, one of the things I like about them is that they explained in detail the strategy they used, as well as the tips for following them.

Their results look incredible with no losing months of the whole trading period.

As mentioned above, their average profit is at 4.5 pips, which means that as a Strategy Follower, the 0.7 pip commission CopyPip charges will be covered.

Lastly, they trade only gold (XAU/USD). I would advise using a comfortable capital to follow them to give yourself some buffer in the case that they let their losing trades float to an unprecedented level.

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Fullerton Markets Research Team

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