Today, we look at Strategy Provider, “Budget 130 USD”. This Strategy Provider’s equity growth since inception is at 793.90% with a max drawdown of 68%. The average monthly profit of this SP is 32.33%.

This SP is suitable for those seeking a high-risk with high returns portfolio. If you have high-risk tolerance and are looking for a highly profitable SP, then, this is a pretty good choice.

Based on their trading statement, one downside is that they do not set a stop loss for most of their trades.


The average profit in pips is 11.78 pips, which means that as a Strategy Follower, the 0.7 pip commission CopyPip charges will not be an issue.

Lastly, this SP trades on many different market pairs. I would advise using substantial capital to follow them so that you have some buffer, in the case they let their losing trades float to an unprecedented level.

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Fullerton Markets Research Team

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