We are going back to this Strategy Provider, “Breakout Signals”, again to see how they are holding up. This high-growth SP can be a good addition to your portfolio if you can withstand the high drawdown which currently sits at 52%.

This SP has already earned a super impressive equity growth of 69709% since its inception. However, this is accompanied by high risk, based on the low recommended minimum of USD 63.49.


Their trading statement provides comfort as they set a stop loss. This allows their Strategy Followers to trade with a piece of mind, knowing that trades will not float too far off during losses. Furthermore, their average pips are around 15 pips so the 0.7pip commission charge by CopyPip will not impact the P&L as much.


All in all, this SP is worth following if you do not mind the high risk and drawdown which will impact your P&L.

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Fullerton Markets Research Team

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