“Yellow Brick” is a strategy provider (SP) from UK who has been running for 2148 days with a growth of 139.57%. What drew my attention was his drawdown which is only 19%. We will recommend this SP for copy traders who are looking for a low-risk strategy provider.

He has been profitable in the past 5 years and the year-to-date returns for 2020 is at 5%.


Even though this SP does not use a stop loss, we are able to fix that risk by using advanced settings to prevent the provider from allowing losing trades to run. Furthermore, his worst trade of -239.2 pips only yield -5.35%. This clearly shows that this provider has a good risk management strategy.


Lastly, the average pips per trade is at 25.65, which is much more than the 0.7pip fees.



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Fullerton Markets Research Team

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