Today, let us look at strategy provider “SteadyRock”. This strategy provider’s equity growth since inception is 5442.57% and has a total of more than 7879.1 pips.

may272021 1

Their account has been running for around 2 years and 6 months. I would consider them a medium risk trader, as their Maximum Drawdown is around 37%, which quite balanced with an average return of 17.05% per month.

may272021 2

For strategy followers who are looking for a medium-risk strategy provider, you should consider “SteadyRock”. If you observe their trading statements, you will notice that they use a combination of day trading and swing trading strategies, with an average profit of 115.87 pips. However, it seems like they do not set a stop loss from their trading statements.

may272021 3

Their results look pretty good as they only had one losing month since they started trading on the CopyPip platform about 2 years plus ago.

may272021 4

may272021 5

As mentioned above, their average for all his trades is at 115.87 pips, which means that as a Strategy Follower, the 0.7 pips commission CopyPip charges will be negligible.

may272021 6

Lastly, they mostly trade XAU/USD, which explains their average pips. I would advise you to use a comfortable capital to follow them. Do give yourself some buffer though, in the case that they allow their losing trades to float to an unprecedented level.  


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