Copy Tip of the Week – Strategy Provider “LuckyTrader”

Posted by Fullerton Markets on January 8, 2021 at 5:45 PM

Today we look at strategy provider “LuckyTrader.” This strategy provider’s equity growth since inception is at 1,720.96% with a total of more than 20,609.29172 pips. His CP Rank is 65.82.

Copy Tip of the Week 20210108_1

Even though his account has only been running for 11 months and 1 week, we consider hima low-risk trader, considering his Maximum Drawdown is only 26% with an average return per month of 24.27%.

Copy Tip of the Week 20210108_2

For strategy followers who are looking for a low-risk strategy provider, you can consider “LuckyTrader.”Looking at his trading statement, you will notice that he is a day trader with pips averaging a net profit of 21.12 pips. Since his pip lost and pip profit are similar, you can be assured that he set a stop losslevel and has a good risk management strategy.

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His result looks pretty good as he has no losing month since he started on the CopyPip platform.

Copy Tip of the Week 20210108_4

Copy Tip of the Week 20210108_5

As mentioned above, his average net profit is at 21.12 pips, which means that as a Strategy Follower, you can expect similar results with his trade even if you include the 0.7pip commission charge.

Copy Tip of the Week 20210108_6

Lastly, he often trades yen pairs. We advise strategy followers to use a comfortable capital to give yourself some buffer in case he allows his losing trades float to an unprecedented level.New call-to-action


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