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Copy Tip of the Week – How to Find Strategies That Trade with a Fixed Stop Loss

Most of the time, a good trading strategy is one that follows its trading plan. This is why a trader who sets a stop loss is usually deemed as a trader with a plan as compared to traders who allow...

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Copy Tip of the Week – How to Filter Out Strategy Providers According to Your Risk Profile

Our copy trading platform, CopyPip, offers more than 300 strategy providers with different risk profiles and performance to copy from. How do we choose the right Strategy Providers (SPs) who fit our...

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How Can You Benefit as a Strategy Follower on CopyPip

What's in it for me?

You probably ask the same question every time you're presented with a product or service.

It's safe to say that almost all of us are likely to have the same initial reaction....

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Copy Tip of the Week – How to Check Ratings and Reviews of Strategy Providers

Wouldn’t it be great if you can see the feedback from other strategy followers who followed the strategy provider (SP) you are looking to follow?

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What You Need to Know about Copy Trading

Don't you just wish you can earn money on autopilot?

Well, you can!

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Copy Tip of the Week – How to Diversify your CopyPip Portfolio

Diversifying your investments is important in building wealth. There’s an old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” which means don’t put all your money in one investment. The same...

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Top 3 Features of the Best Copy Trading Platform for You

Copy trading is extremely popular these days, especially with all the copy trade platforms popping up.

While copy trading is best for beginners, both new and experienced traders can benefit from...

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Copy Trading 101: How to Choose the Best Trader to Copy

Anyone can trade in the foreign exchange market. Even those who have little knowledge of currency trading.


By copying trades.

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Copy Tip of the Week – Managing Copy Trading Risk with Money Management Correlation (MMC)

Money Management Correlation is an indicator under “Portfolio” which shows conformity of your settings in a specific trading strategy to Money Management rules defined by a strategy provider.

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Copy Tip of the Week – How to Filter Out Strategy Providers Using Demo Accounts (19 June 2020)

In the forex trading scene, it’s normal for new traders to start with a demo account first before switching to a Live account and investing with their hard-earned money.

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