Online Referral Business Programs: A Passive Income Option to Tide You Through the Current Crisis and Beyond

Posted by Fullerton Markets on May 6, 2020 at 3:26 PM

If there's one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that we need to have a backup for everything or, at least, for things where redundancy or reserves can be established.

This is especially true with finances.

A lot of people around the world are having the worst experience due to a shortage of funds. Some hearts are breaking each time savings accounts are dented with no income coming in to patch the hole up.

Well, the world is slowly opening up, and it's time to learn from the lessons of the coronavirus crisis. Now is the perfect time to build a contingency plan to prevent another financial hardship for whatever reason, crisis or not.

One viable source of profit and income is online referral programs, where every successful customer referral earns you rewards or incentives. What's great about these is that you may only need to promote once and generate passive income for life.

So take advantage of this income stream to build a financial plan that can weather any storm.

What is a referral program and how does it work?



A referral program is a process where a customer earns rewards when they spread the word and refer a friend. If that referral buys a product or subscribes to a newsletter or gym membership, for example, an incentive is provided.

How does it work exactly?

By word of mouth, whether traditionally or virtually.

Referral marketing harnesses the power of recommendations, which drive sales exponentially.

  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than any fancy advertising
  • 88% of people trust online reviews by third parties
  • 74% of consumers' purchase decisions may be influenced by word of mouth
  • 78% of B2B marketers agree that higher quality leads are generated through referral marketing than any other channels

The numbers say it all. People are likely to buy a product or hire a service based on someone's reliable recommendation or glowing review.

Can you see it now? How easy you can earn from an online referral?

Now, how is it different from affiliate programs?

It's easy to confuse referral programs with how affiliate programs work but they're actually two different things.

In affiliate marketing, you don't need to be a customer of a certain affiliate program to recommend products and services, although it will definitely give you an advantage if you use the products you're selling to prospects.

While it's possible to be an affiliate without a website, it's a lot easier if you use a platform where you can add an affiliate link, which is used for tracking your sales. Aside from a website, other platforms you can use are YouTube, social media such as TikTok or Instagram, email marketing, and a podcast.

Check out this ultimate guide of affiliate marketing for beginners and you'll get a clearer picture of what this type of marketing strategy entails. It will also show you how different it is from referral marketing.

Why a referral program can be a good source of income during this pandemic and any other crisis



Tasks are done online

As long as you're connected and can access the referral program platform, you can refer customers and earn from every sale made.

In some cases, you only need a social media account to spread the word about a specific product or service and write a review.

At a time when you need to stay safe at home, online referrals will prove beneficial and profitable.

Minimal requirement from you

Referral programs are already built even before you discover their potential. This makes it easy for customers like you to share a referral to various channels or to send directly to friends and family.

In other words, you don't need to do much besides sign up and make money from an online referral program.

More income opportunities

The customers you refer are likely to be interacting with other people who are interested in the products you promote. This creates a network of leads that are likely to convert.

Even if this is not the case, your referrals can plant the seed of interest and brand awareness. When the time comes for a prospect to need what you're advertising, they'll refer to your previous offer or message.

On the flip side, referral marketing is difficult to control. This is especially true if a company changes its products or incentive program, which will impact how your referrals will react.

If a good number of customers are unhappy with the changes, your income source could drop.

Negative feedback will also have a similar effect.

Thus, the need for an online referral program that has a good reputation, loyal customers, and attractive rewards.

Some of the reputable referral programs online you can turn into a passive income stream



Here are online referral programs that offer some of the best rewards to referrers.

Google’s G Suite

The G Suite Referral Program lets you earn incentives when you refer Google's cloud-based collaboration and productivity tool.

For every new user that signs up, you earn:

  • USD15 for a referral that subscribes to the G Suite Basic plan
  • USD30 for a referral that subscribes to the G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise plan

You're allowed to earn up to USD3,000 from customer referrals.

Given the tools that the G Suite has to offer and how Google has taken over the World Wide Web, your success in making money from this referral marketing program is high.


The Airbnb Referral Program allows members to earn travel credits when friends or the people they refer become new users of the platform. The promotional coupon credits can be used toward future accommodation or experience bookings.

  • Earn USD20 for every referral you make who completes a qualifying stay. Rewards are capped at USD5,000.
  • Earn USD20 for every referral who signs up for a qualifying experience. Rewards are capped at USD2,000.


If you own a Tesla, you're eligible for the referral program that lets you earn rewards every time friends and family use the referral link you shared when they order a Tesla (earn 1,000 miles of Supercharging for free) and Solar Roof or solar panel (earn $250 after system activation).


PayPal's referral program lets you earn USD50 if you send 1 cent to five of your friends. If they sign up and make a purchase, you will earn more.

As of this writing, the incentive is USD10 each for you and your friend if they spend or send more than USD5 by 30 June 2020.


Earn extra storage space if you refer friends to use Dropbox. You get:

  • 500 MB for every referral that signs for a Dropbox Basic account. Earn up to 16 GB.
  • 1 GB for every referral that signs for a Dropbox Plus and Professional account. Earn up to 32 GB.

Although the referral rewards are not always monetary, every program is rewarding and worth investing time and effort in.

Now, what if we show you another way to earn passive income through a referral program that's easy to use and earns you plenty?

Introducing Fullerton Markets’ PipBox tool

PipBox is an online passive income platform that lets you earn on autopilot by sharing high-quality and attractive content curated on your behalf.

While most materials are heavily finance-based and are more attractive to traders and investors, the educational value provided are suitable for anyone and, most especially:

  • For someone looking to achieve or develop financial literacy
  • For those who want to be financially independent

Once you become a partner, you'll have access to a user-friendly platform where sharing content to acquire customers is done in a few clicks or through a simple copy and paste.

You can post from your desktop or your mobile to popular social channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

It’s so easy to earn from this system.

Got a lot of friends on Facebook? Share exciting content directly from PipBox.

Content is readily available for you to distribute. No need to write a blog article yourself, only a short post to introduce content you want to share.

If one of your friends opens an account on Fullerton Markets, you earn a referral reward.

Fullerton Markets’ PipBox tool is how you earn smart passive income that you can enjoy for as long as you remain a partner and you continue to generate leads that convert.

Over to you

Why not test out the tips we've provided? With time on your hands and with little effort required from you, explore your options to make money and survive the pandemic with extra funds. Take it as an opportunity to build a passive income source and grow real wealth.

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