Forex Trading: MAM vs CopyPip

Posted by Louis Teo on May 27, 2019 at 10:40 AM

Multi-Account Manager (MAM) in Fullerton Markets is a platform that allows Money Managers to trade on multiple trading accounts at the same time. Investors can link their Investor Account with Fullerton Markets to their preferred Money Manager.

CopyPip on the other hand is Fullerton Markets’ copy trading platform which enables investors to select from over 300 strategy providers to copy from. It also allows Fullerton Markets’ partners and traders to become strategy providers.

Here’s a comparison of MAM and CopyPip for partners and investors.


1. Account management

Partners must activate or deactivate individual investor account in MAM. CopyPip partners do not need to activate or deactivate investor accounts.

2. Control

Partners can choose which investor account to activate or deactivate from MAM. CopyPip does not allow the partners to control the investor accounts.

3. Fee structure

MAM has more fee options, namely admin fees, pip commission and profit-sharing. CopyPip has a performance fee which is charged as a percentage of profits monthly, subject to the High-water Mark* (HWM).

4. Details of clients

For MAM, partners can access the details of all the investor accounts under them, including profit/loss and withdrawals/deposits. For CopyPip, partners are not able to access such details.


5. Client base exposure

MAM partners do their own marketing to promote their services with no centralised platform that matches investors with partners. CopyPip partners are visible to all our investors using the CopyPip platform.

6. Consistency in client results

MAM users have better consistency among investors of the same Money Manager, as the same lot size allocation is applied across the board. CopyPip has four settings for investors to choose from – automatic settings adjustment, percentage of the total balance, fixed trade size and proportional trade size.

*High-water Mark – Monthly net profit/loss is used to calculate the monthly performance fee. Monthly net loss must be recouped, before any monthly performance fee can be calculated and shared with the partner.





Account management

Must activate & deactivate investor accounts individually

Do not need to activate or deactivate investor accounts


Has full control over which investor account to activate or deactivate

No control over investors

Fee structure

Multiple fee options

One fee option

Details of clients

Able to see details of investor accounts

Unable to see details of investor accounts

Client base exposure

Limited exposure

Wide exposure

Consistency among client results

More consistency

May not be consistent due to different settings set by investors


1. Contact with partners

MAM investors will know who exactly their Money Manager is while CopyPip investors can only see the trading profile and statistics of strategy providers.

2. Control of accounts

MAM investors must rely on their Money Manager to activate or deactivate their investor account for trading. CopyPip investors have the flexibility to manage their investor account(s) themselves.

3. Ease of usage

MAM investors only need to appoint their Money Manager and their investor account will follow the settings determined by their Money Manager. CopyPip investors, on the other hand, must configure their investor account based on their own preferences.

4. Ability to diversify

MAM investor accounts can only be linked to one Money Manager, while one CopyPip investor account can be copying multiple strategy providers.





Contact with partners

Know exactly who the Money Manager is

Only able to access the strategy provider’s profile

Control of accounts


More fee options

Fewer fee options

Ease of usage


Only need to appoint the MAM manager

Investors must configure their own settings

Ability to diversify


One investor account can be linked to only one MAM Money Manager

One investor account can follow multiple CopyPip strategy providers

MAM Money Manager is a partner using a MAM master account to trade for investors.
MAM investor is someone with an Investor Account with Fullerton Markets linked to a MAM.
CopyPip Strategy Provider is a CopyPip partner with a Fullerton trading account linked as a master account on CopyPip.
CopyPip Follower is a CopyPip investor with a CopyPip Account with Fullerton Markets.

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