Strategy Provider (SP) “Eternity” is a long running provider who has been trading for more than 5 years now. His trading history started all the way back in 2014 and his YTD performance has been positive every year, except in 2019.

In his profile description, the recommended leverage is 1:500 with a minimum balance of USD7,000 and a maximum spread of 3-4 pips. If you don’t have USD7,000 in your investment capital, you can adjust the settings by lowering the lot size traded to follow him.

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One downside of his strategy could be his Maximum Drawdown at 64%, a figure that is far too high for some copy traders. Looking at his trading statement, we can see that this SP doesn’t set a stop loss which can be dangerous if there’s a sudden increase in market volatility.

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Next, his average profits for each trade is around 26 pips, far greater than the 0.7 pips commission charged by the CopyPip platform.

All in all, with the long running credibility of this SP and the right settings, I believe you can make profitable trades by copying his trades.


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