Copy Tip of The Week - Top Pick of the Week "Wave Master"

Posted by Fullerton Markets on October 21, 2021 at 6:59 PM

Today, we are looking at a Strategy Provider (SP) named “Wave Master” from Thailand. They have more than 7 months of trading history on the CopyPip platform with amazing trading results, even though their trading performance last month was negative.

First, what we love about this SP is that they are trading with Fullerton Markets. This will help Strategic Followers (SFs) to minimise any potential trade delays, as well as, have a more accurate entry price.


Furthermore, they have a max drawdown of only 18%. This allows us to categorise them as low-risk strategy providers. As we compare their max drawdown to the average returns of 6.24%, I would say this SP is decent as a low-risk trader.

One more thing we love about this SP is that they explain in detail the strategy they used to trade, their risk management and their advice on using what settings you should use to follow them.

Their YTD returns for the last 7 months of trading is at 54.56%.

Looking at their trading statement, the first thing you can see is that all their trades have a stop loss. This makes it safer for SFs because they do not let their trades go out of control. Besides, you can see that their orders are usually held for more than a day or a few weeks. This shows that they are Swing Traders and you should be mentally ready to hold long-term trades.


Moreover, this SP has an average profit in pips of 15.38 pips, therefore, we do not need to worry about the 0.7 pip fee from Copypip.

Lastly, they trade a lot of different market pairs. Therefore, this gives them a lot of trading opportunities.

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