Copy Tip of The Week - Top Pick of the Week "EA Sniper"

Posted by Fullerton Markets on October 14, 2021 at 7:15 PM

Today, we are looking at a strategy provider (SP) called “EA Sniper”. They are from Vietnam with more than 6 months of trading on the CopyPip platform and they deliver stable trading results!

What we like about this SP is that they are trading with Fullerton Markets. This will minimize the price discrepancy for our strategy followers if you were to follow them.

Furthermore, they have a Max drawdown of only 26%, thus we can consider them a low-risk strategy provider. Compared to their average returns of 10.91%, this is a good strategy provider to choose from.

The average monthly return is impressive. With just over 6 months of trading in 2021, they are making returns of 101.17%.

As we look at the trading statement, the first thing you can see is that all their trades have a stop loss. This makes it safer for SF because they do not let any losing trades go beyond their control. Besides, you can see that their orders are usually held for more than a day or a few weeks. This shows that they are likely using the swing trading strategy and you should be mentally ready to hold long-term orders.

Another thing we like about this strategy provider is that they have an average profit of 32.94 pips. Therefore, we don't need to worry about the 0.7 pip fee from Copypip.

Lastly, they trade on a lot of different market pairs, which allows for more diversification and opportunities.

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