Copy Tip of The Week - Top Pick of the Week "CD Trading Live"

Posted by Fullerton Markets on November 18, 2021 at 4:28 PM

Today we look at strategy provider (SP) “CD Trading Live”. The first thing that caught my eye is the low Max Drawdown at 16%. Comparing this figure to their equity growth of 565%, it seems like we have found an outstanding low-risk, high return strategy provider! Let’s dive deeper.

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Making 20% in terms of Average Per Month is impressive, alongside with the low Max Drawdown of 16%. We usually ignore the total pips statistics as it is not useful in terms of determining if an SP has good risk management.

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“CD Trading Live” started trading in Jan 2021 and only has 1 losing month which is perfectly fine.

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One downside is that this SP does not set a stop loss (SL) and has trades with SL of 270 pips. We can counter this risk by setting a fixed SL to protect your account and trades, in case the SP allows them to float to unprecedented levels.

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Last but not least, this SP trades all currency pairs. This means that there will be constant trading opportunities in the market. This will be beneficial for those who prefer to see more trading activities happening in their accounts, compared to an SP who trades only a few times in a week or a month.

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