Copy Tip Of The Week – Top Pick Of The Week “Auto ProFit”

Posted by Fullerton Markets on October 7, 2021 at 6:06 PM

Today, we will be looking at a Strategy Provider called “Auto ProFit”. The first thing that caught my eye is the max drawdown at 64% which is slightly high.

However, the saving grace is that they have a very high equity growth at 1583.42% while their average returns per month are at 17.93% Hence, we can consider them a medium-risk strategy provider.

What we like about this SP is that they detailed their trading method in the description.

Even though they joined CopyPip only in 2020, it is impressive that they finished, and will finish, with a positive result. In 2 years, they generated 295% and 326% for each year.

As we look at their trading statement, we realised that they do put stop loss in most of their trades, except for some. We can also see that the duration of each trade takes a few days to close. Therefore, if we want to follow this SP, we would suggest having more capital buffer to cover the potential losing position.

Overall, they have an average of 5.95 pips, which is sufficient to cover the 0.7 pip fee from CopyPip.

Lastly, it was mentioned in the description that they focus on GBPUSD pair. So, if you prefer an SP who only trades in specific pairs, then you can consider following this strategy provider.

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