This week’s featured CopyPip strategy provider is “Zhang Fund.” His account has been running since August 2020 and has not experienced any losing month so far. His drawdown is slightly high at 45%, but given how aggressive this provider is, the high drawdown is expected.

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With his equity growth at 628.69% and average per month of 24.20%, strategy followers who are seeking a high growth provider may consider following “Zhang Fund” on CopyPip.

Copy Tip

If you look at his trading statements, you can see that he is very aggressive in terms of the number of trades he takes at one go. It’s hard to tell if this SP sets stop-loss for his trades, but we can always protect ourselves by going to “Advanced Settings” and setting a fixed stop loss to prevent negligence from the provider.

Copy Tip

He often holds his trades for a maximum of 1 to 2 days, hence we classify him as an intra-day trader. Even if we include the 0.7 pips commission charged by CopyPip, this SP manages to gain around 25 pips per profitable trade, which is great.

Last but not least, I recommend this SP for clients who are comfortable with high risks and willing to be more aggressive in their copy trading journey.

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