The strategy provider (SP) we are going to talk about this week is “Teen Ant”.

Teen Ant 1

This SP has been running for 1 years 6 months, with a maximum drawdown of 55%. I would categorise it as a medium risk (SP). However, with an average per month of 17.44%, this is one of the more well-balanced Strategy Providers.

When choosing a SP, there are some criteria that we can set in the filter to find the most suitable SP. For this SP, my filter is set at being on CopyPip for more than 400 days, with growth of more 1000%, averaging at more than 15% per month and a profit of 90% or higher.

Teen Ant 2

With this filter, we got 3 SPs, out of which I chose “Teen Ant”, for us to discuss.

Why did I choose this Strategy Provider?

As mentioned, this is a well-balanced SP. Their DD recovery period is 1 month 3 weeks, even though their maximum drawdown is considered medium risk at 55%.

Another reason why I choose this SP is because of their clear descriptions in their profile, where they specified their profit targets, minimum deposit amount and their recommended deposit amount, based on volume traded.

Teen Ant 3

From the table below, you can see that there are months when they had losses, but they are able to cover those losses and gain more profits in other months.

Teen Ant 4

What impressed me about this SP is their percent vs pips performance charts. We can see that the chart is almost perfectly aligned. This shows that the SP is using and managing their lot sizes adequately.

Teen Ant 5

From their trading statements, it seems like they do not set a stop loss. You can check out our previous Copy Tip videos to find out how you can spot a SP, who does not set a stop loss in their trading statements.

Teen Ant 6

Finally, you can see that their focus is on major currency pairs, with GBPUSD being their most traded pair.

Teen Ant 7

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