Copy Tip of the Week – Strategy Provider “ELRobo2121Magnet8888”

Posted by Fullerton Markets on April 29, 2021 at 4:50 PM

Today we look at strategy provider “ELRobo2121Magnet8888”. This strategy provider’s equity growth since inception is 191.76% with a total of more than 6,424.10 pips.

Even though his account ran for only 5 months, I consider him as a low risk trader. This is in consideration that his Maximum Drawdown is only 27%, which is quite balanced compared to his average returns per month of 24.86%.

For strategy followers who are looking for a low-risk strategy provider, you can consider “ELRobo2121Magnet8888”. If you look at his trading statement, you will notice that he is a day trader with pips averaging profit of 7.94 pips.

His description shows that he uses automated trades as his trading strategy.

His result looks impressive as he has been positive since he started on the CopyPip platform.

As mentioned above, his average across all his trades is at 7.94 pips, which means that as a Strategy Follower, the 0.7 pip commission that CopyPip charges can be negligible.

Lastly, he focuses only on USD/CHF & USD/CAD. I would advise to use a comfortable capital to copy him. Do give yourself some buffer, in the case that he allows his losing trades float to an unprecedented level.


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