Copy Tip of the Week – How to Check Ratings and Reviews of Strategy Providers

Posted by Fullerton Markets on August 3, 2020 at 12:26 PM

Wouldn’t it be great if you can see the feedback from other strategy followers who followed the strategy provider (SP) you are looking to follow?

On our CopyPip platform, you can actually see:

  1. Comments from people who have followed the provider
  2. Active trading strategies currently used by the provider
  3. Deleted trading strategies previously used by the provider

Simply click on the name of the SP on the CopyPip page as shown below.

  1. Comments and Reviews

When you are shopping online, the first thing you would look out for is the reviews from other buyers. Similarly, on the CopyPip platform, you can also view comments and reviews by other SFs. These reviews can give you a better judgement on how the SP is performing.

  1. Active Trading Strategies

A regular trader will have multiple trading accounts for different strategies. For example, the trader will use one account for long-term trading and another account during the day. In addition to that, a SP might possess many different trading accounts with different risk profiles.

  1. Deleted Trading Strategies

Lastly, a strategy provider with a lot of deleted trading strategies could be a red flag. If a strategy provider has a stable and consistent trading plan, there wouldn’t be a need to delete his/her trading strategies.



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