3 Things Entrepreneurs Must Value

Posted by Fullerton Markets on March 9, 2020 at 6:37 PM

It goes without saying that to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must be willing to put in the time and effort. But making it as an entrepreneur is no longer restricted to making profits; a more well- rounded success encompasses personal growth and positives that go beyond growing your bank account.

There will come a time when you’ll realise the things you missed while building your business would never be brought back, so instead of waiting for that time to come, take the first step by knowing the three things you should value more than money:


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Running a business can be taxing because most of your time is spent thinking about how to grow and improve it. This leaves little to no time for rest, mainly because if anything goes wrong, it is mostly your responsibility to bear. This kind of lifestyle can be harmful to both your physical and mental well-being. It leads you to believe that when you’re not working, you're being complacent, and that this will ultimately contribute to the failure of your business.

Hiring people means trusting them to do their jobs as you do yours. There is a fine line between overseeing and micro-managing; there is no need to always be on their case. Improving your business should also include consulting your team and discussing what works and what doesn’t. After all, they are part of your business and their opinions on the motions are just as important as yours.

Once all of this is set, and your employees are working efficiently, you will have more time for self-care. By self-care, it can be in the form of keeping an eye on your diet, doing physical activities such as exercising or playing a sport. Your ideas will not be realised if the vessel that carries it is not in good condition. Go for regular medical examinations to keep yourself healthy.

Remember, the future of your business lies in your ability to nurture; if you cannot nurture yourself, you cannot nurture your business.


You probably entered the business world because you want to give your family the best things in life. You want to provide them with the most comfortable living conditions, including things you would have provided your younger self. Whatever the reason may be, your family comes next in your priorities as a businessperson.

It’s good to want to provide your family with their necessities and even simple luxuries, but accepting all the offers that your business gets could mean less time spent outside of work and with family. Showering them with gifts or money can only do so much because nothing comes close to quality time with family. As such, discernment and balance are key – take on work that continues to let the company grow, yet doesn’t deprive you of living your life and creating memories with your loved ones.


Sure, there are many things that money can buy, but they don’t necessarily promise you genuine experiences. Money is a replaceable resource that you can earn anytime, but spending your hours engaging in activities that enrich and fulfil you? That’s something you can never bring back.

Owning a business gives you the luxury of planning your own time and schedule. It’s a privilege that fixed jobs don’t offer, so make the most out of it. Try new activities such as travelling to a different place or learning a new skill. Being the CEO may be impressive, but it’s just a title. Memories and experiences you accumulate as you grow will be the ultimate treasure you keep.

Creating new experiences can also help to relax your mind and give you fresh perspectives on recurring issues. Even better, you might generate new ideas to keep your business thriving!

So these are the three things that you should look to value as an entrepreneur. Acknowledge the fact that there are things far more important than the profit you make. Start taking care of yourself and those around you. Running a business is only as stressful as you make it out to be, but if you take it slow and steady, you will find that things will eventually fall into place.

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